Cornrow Styles

Cornrows are a style of hair braiding that is close to the scalp and have traditionally been used by women of African American heritage. However, cornrows are no longer limited to being used by just woman or people of African American heritage and have become popular with men and with other ethnic groups.

Cornrow Styles for Men

Cornrows for men have become more and more popular in recent years as hip hop has become more and more popular. Not only are male music stars sporting cornrows, but many sports stars have also found that cornrows are an easy to maintain hair style that allows them to express their own unique style at the same time.
Since cornrows have started showing up on male sports stars , in particular, men have become comfortable with this innovative and creative way of wearing their hair.
There are beautiful cornrow styles for Men and Women


Cornrows have been traditionally styled in straight rows, often with shells or beads attached – remember Bo Derrick in the movie 10? But cornrows are also attractive and easy to arrange in geometric patterns, including swirls and zigzag patterns and even patterns that spell out words or show off logo designs.
Cornrow braids of all styles can be created by an experienced and knowledgeable stylist and can be attractive and easy to maintain for men, women and even children.

Choosing a Stylist

Before you decide to have a cornrow style with your own hair be sure to talk to your stylist beforehand. A good braid stylist will have a photo portfolio that shows their abilities and the different styles they are comfortable with.

Make sure that your hairdresser know how to braid cornrows professional

Make sure that when you hair is braided into cornrows, it is not braided too tightly or too close to the scalp, since this can result in hair loss and even hair breakage.
Also, ask your stylist for recommendations on different styles that will show off your face and can even be worn in different ways. For example, if your hair is long, do you want it braided so that you have the flexibility to pull it up into a pony tail or some other updo?

Care for Your Cornrows

Cornrow styles are relatively easy to care for. Wash your hair regularly, taking care not to rub the braids too vigorously. Washing your hair is largely about keeping your scalp clean and in good condition, so use a mild shampoo.
One of the problems with cornrow styles can be the braids being pulled out of shape. One way to avoid this is to wear a scarf or bandana around your hair when you sleep.
Cornrow styles can be worn for several weeks before they need to be restyled and put into new braids. The great thing about cornrows is that this means that you can change your style every few weeks, rather than having your hair cut and styled and then being stuck with that style for several months while you wait for it to grow out or for your hair to be in condition to color it again or for a perm to grow out.